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Swarovski Elegance of Africa 2023 – The Cheetahs

Elegance of Africa SCS Annual Edition 2023 Cheetah Mehira 5636241
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STORY by Rivoli is delighted to introduce the 2023 Swarovski Crystal Society pieces, The Cheetah family. The latest pieces from Swarovski in the Elegance of Africa collection.

Headed by cheetah Mehira, designed by Martin Zendron the name means “Swift and Energetic”. Swarovski have created this wonderful slender looking piece in a gold-tone crystal that symbolises the warmth of the savannah grasslands. Exceptional detail can also be seen through the tear-shaped stripes from the eyes to mouth and the spotted fur that is detailed to the highest level of Swarovski mastery. This new piece from Swarovski has a look that instantly evokes grace and agility.

In addition to Mehiha, Swarovski has created her cub, Jabari. Adorable yet full of power, this dazzling figurine is a fine addition to the Swarovski Elegance of Africa collection. Jabari means fearless which perfectly suits the confident spirit of the piece. These pieces continue the fabulous Elegance of Africa collection that started in 2021 with Zebra Amai.

Swarovski has also introduced Makena the Ostrich – a name meaning “happy one”. The curious, flightless bird has been crafted with 448 facets in a variety of shades and effects, which wonderfully harmonise together to create an overall look that symbolises strength, power, and determination.

All of the new 2023 Swarovski Crystal Society pieces are available from STORY by Rivoli at or in store at 21 King Street, St Helier. Our Swarovski crystal prices tax and duty-free with VAT pre-paid for customers in the UK.

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