Code by Edge

Use the dots & dashes of Morse Code to create your secret message.

Inspired by centuries-old tradition Donald Edge reimagined coded jewellery for modern life: beautiful, easily wearable, personalised pieces that carry your heart in their design. Morse code was used in the early nineteenth century to send messages long distances via telegraph. The alphabet is represented using short and long sounds or flashes of light, which can be written down as dots and dashes.

Inspired by the bloom of wild flowers dancing on water, the Aquafiore collection showcases a delicate rainbow of amethyst, aquamarine, lemon quartz, rock crystal and citrine.

Born amid the leafy squares and sweeping crescents of Mayfair, these fine stackable rings are made in  18k gold, rose gold or platinum and set with lab-diamonds.

Featuring smooth lines, twinkling diamonds and knife edge detail in 18k  gold, rose gold, or platinum, the result are rings which are as clean and contemporary as they are  romantic.

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